100% Pure Raw Honey | Pure Charisma: The authentic raw honey

Discover the taste of raw honey

Pure Charisma raw honey was launched in 2018 thanks to our passion for honey and a research which started in 2016 with the aim of proposing a totally pure, unique and elegant product.

Raw honey refers to pure honey that is directly taken from bee pollen without going through any filtering process.

There is no additional ingredient, raw honey is 100% pure. This ensures that it doesn’t lose any vitamins and minerals within it.

Research, uniqueness, style, passion for honey, love for bees: these are the foundations of Pure Charisma.

Sourcing natural raw honey

We partner with a selected and limited number of beekeepers with decades of experience behind them that operate in uncontaminated areas. Our beekeepers have the utmost commitment to the care of the bees and respect for the territory, they provide a raw, 100% pure honey that is neither treated nor heated.

Our honey is produced in Irpinia, a vast district in South Italy with widespread vegetation surrounded by mountains that gives the bees a natural continuity between the various habitats.


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