Honey is the best remedy for coughs and sore throats

Honey for coughs and sore throats

Honey has always been used as an effective natural cough remedy.

But it’s not just a do-it-yourself remedy. The recent guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Public Health England (PHE) point out that honey is the best remedy for most cough cases, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Whether the cough is dry or chesty, honey, especially if it is pure, will be your ally. Using honey as a natural remedy will also allow you to rely less on the use of antibiotics, safeguarding your body from the use of drugs, which in some cases are not necessary at all.

Pure honey also contains many minerals and vitamins and is generally an excellent natural remedy against the flu.

Honey for coughs and sore throats: dosage

Unlike treated honey, raw honey has all the antioxidant and soothing properties.
To fight a cough, you can ingest honey without mixing it up with other drinks. If you prefer to dilute it, hot milk or tea will be fine. It is good to remember that the unheated honey retains all its benefits, so it will help to calm the cough more quickly.
A couple of tablespoons of honey a day can be enough to relieve the sore throat facilitating the airways and in some cases if taken before going to bed can also have a greater effect during the night.

What are some of the effective recipes to relieve a cough and a sore throats with honey?

In addition to ingesting honey by itself, there are many tasty remedies to help get rid of the cough altogether.
Try to eat a spoon mixed with chopped fresh thyme, you will soon realize that the inflammation will decrease. Another simple and effective solution to fight a cough and sore throat is to mix honey with some minced ginger and some slices of lemon, a couple of tablespoons a day should be enough to make you feel better.

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